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Meat Inspection and Added Value Services
Meat Inspection is the approved Inspection Agency for Ante and Post Mortem Meat Inspection in Vanuatu.

Meat Inspection
We have up to 8 Official Meat inspectors warranted under the Meat Industry Act Cap 213 to carry out meat inspection across 3 meat processing plants throughout Vanuatu
We employ statistical methods to monitor our performance and are continually updating this through our national database.

Added Value Services
The Meat Inspection Services team can offer you market targeted inspection beyond the minimum requirements. We can provide training to your employees such as meat hygiene training, Quality Control, Pre-Operational hygiene check, and we can develop your Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)
Our system captures all kill data, pathological recording, and disease risk management and SOP auditing. This information can meet your needs in achieving market access and operations efficiency, important to performing in the meat industry.

Service delivery 
As consumers’ food safety awareness increases, so too does the demand for credible assessment of food quality and safety. We value our position as an independent, experienced, and value-adding service provider. You can be confident that our long standing reputation for meat inspection and commercial services can secure the market access, and customer satisfaction you need to operate a sustainable business.
Vanuatu Meat inspection Service (VMIS) is committed to delivering best in country meat inspection service to the Vanuatu meat processing industry to ensure their product meets overseas market access requirements and ensuring safety for consumers in Vanuatu and across the globe.
“Together we build and protect consumer confidence”

Meat Inspection over wide range of Services 
 Hygiene Inspection in meat product outlets
 Ante mortem & Post mortem Inspection in Abattoirs & Poultry Abattoirs
 Pre operational checks
 Training
 Provide information disease database
 Disease Risk management
 Provide annual kill

 Ante mortem & Post mortem Inspection Instruction
 Vanuatu Butchery Standard
 Vanuatu poultry Standard
 Vanuatu Abattoir Standard
 Pre – Operational standard forms
Fees & Charges
Application fees for both Abattoir & Butchery – VT 36,000
Abattoir annual fees – 150,000
Poultry abattoir annual fees – 110,000
Butchery annual fees – 70,000

Bovine, Ovine and Swine Inspection fees 7vt per kilogram
Poultry fees 3vt per kilogram

For further information, please contact following officers:

Prinicipal Veterinary Officer Ian Peebles:                                                                                           Senior Veterinary Officer (South) Roger Philips:
Senior Meat inspector (south) Philip Tari:
Senior Meat inspector (North) Ms Fiona Malkon email address: