Import Parcels handling Procedures

The mail posts coming in through the Vanuatu Post Ltd are opened in the mail room every morning at 8:00 am and inspected, selected both by Biosecurity and Customs officer in front of the Post officers.  Parcels are either selected to go through customs for customs clearance or to be released by Post Office or to go through Biosecurity checks, inspections, treatments or destruction procedures.  Parcels of Biosecurity interest are tagged with Biosecurity hold sticker.

Parcels that are being selected for Customs interest and Biosecurity interest are then entered into Post ITC system and taken into Customs and Biosecurity storage ready for consignee to come for them.

Parcels are opened once the receiver show  their Post Office “item to collect” notice to the Biosecurity and Customs customer service desk at the Post office.  The Biosecurity officer then decides after inspection to be treated, released or detained for destruction depending on the nature of risk.  There are charged fees for Inspection, treatment and destruction.

Parcels that are going to Islands without Biosecurity officers Procedures

Parcels are selected, inspected in front of a Post Officer as the Consignee representative at the Port of entry in Port Vila and the decision takes place during the inspection whether the consignment is to be treated, released or destructed.  However, Parcel inspection, destruction or treatment charges are invoiced by the Biosecurity officer and sent by the Vanuatu Post to the local agents then to the owner for payment.  The payment is sent through western union for receipting then the parcel is dispatched to the owner by the Post office.


Seeds inspected at the Post Office on arrival at the post by the Biosecurity Officer.  The seeds require an Import Permit and have to be sourced from an approved seeds company that is listed by the department of Biosecurity Vanuatu. Seeds that are NOT from those approved Companies are detained for destruction.