Vanuatu islands pristine flora and fauna resources are fundamental for food security and income for all communities throughout Vanuatu. The sustainability of the resources will depend entirely on the protection provided by government agencies mandated to protect these resources. The policy frameworks developed by the government are to enhance economic development, encourage economic activities in agriculture and tourism to build rural economy. The government recognising the tourism sector as one of the pillars for growth has declared additional port of entries apart from Port Vila and Luganville

Biosecurity Vanuatu sea port operation is to ensure that all sea going crafts, people, and goods do not bring with them organism that can affect the livelihood and the environment of the people of Vanuatu.

The services that Biosecurity Vanuatu provides at all ports of entry are differs depending on the Port.

Port Vila and Luganville are the two main ports that provides the following services

  1. International Sea going craft clearance
  2. International Cargo clearance
  3. International Passengers clearance

Mystery Island, Litlitz, Sola, and Lenakel are islands approved ports of entries that provide services including Sea going craft clearance and passenger clearance.  Ports that are not declared ports of entry in Vanuatu can be visited but must first get clearance at declared port of entries.

All food and other good on board must be declared on arrival and must remain on board at all times throughout Vanuatu.

All live animal and lives plants must not be taken ashore anywhere in Vanuatu


Heavy penalty applies for infringement