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Effective border management and regular surveillance and monitoring to protect Vanuatu's Flora and Fauna.

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About Us

Biosecurity is a department under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity (MALFFB). Biosecurity was formerly known as the Vanuatu Quarantine and Inspection Services (VQIS) under the department of Livestock and Quarantine. In 2013, we became known as the department of Biosecurity. There are about 44 staffs all over Vanuatu and our two main offices are located in Port Vila, Efate, and Luganville in Santo. We also have outpost offices in Sola, Vanua Lava in the Banks islands, Lakatoro on Malekula, Lenakel on Tanna and Anelgauhat on Aneityum. Our outpost offices are located at the certified ports of entry. The department has a director, two principal officers, and senior officers who manage the the administration and enforcement of services.

Biosecurity works to protect the flora and fauna and marine waters from invasive exotic organism that could cause dramatic effect to the economy, the environment and the health of the people of Vanuatu. There are agencies that Biosecurity works closely with such as the department of Customs and Inland Revenue, the department of Environment Protection and Conservation, the department of External Trade, the department of Public Health and the departments under the Ministry of Agriculture (MALFFB).

The powers of Biosecurity are set out in the Laws of the Republic of Vanuatu which are; Plant Protection Act [CAP 239], Animal Importation and Quarantine Act [CAP 201], Meat Industry Act [CAP 239], Pesticides (Control) Act [CAP 226], Animal Disease Control Act [CAP 220] and Kava Act No. 7 of 2002.

Our Vision

Biosecurity Vanuatu’s vision is to be the first line defense at the borders that protect Vanuatu from exotic invasive organisms leading to promoting international trade of agricultural products free of pest and diseases and safe for human consumption.

Our Mission

  • Protect Vanuatu from invasive exotic animals, plants and animal & plant pests and diseases that may have drastic effects on the agricultural industry, the environment and the health of the people of Vanuatu;
  • Facilitate the international trade of agricultural products;
  • Maintain the relative pest and disease free status allowing cost effective, good quality production of agricultural products;
  • Safeguard public health by carrying out inspections of meat outlets and slaughterhouses;
  • Build a team of motivated and highly skilled staff;
  • Run an efficient financial system to suit the needs of Biosecurity Vanuatu (BV).

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