Q1. Can i bring food when i travel to Vanuatu?

A. Yes you can bring some personal food items with you. You can either send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request for a permit or you can pay up when you arrive at the airport after inspection and granting entry. Personal food items that can be brought in include commercially packaged meat/poultry meat/fish/and other plant products. Release can only be granted upon inspection and satisfaction with requirements.

Q2. How much is the import permit fees?

A. The import permit fees can be viewed in the Agricultural Fees Regulation. For personal import permits, application for import permits cost 2,200VT for animal products and plant products is 2,000VT per permit. Arrival without an import permit costs 3,000VT to be permitted entry.

Q3. Can I take artifacts with me from Vanuatu?

A. Yes artifacts can be taken back to your country of origin but your country of origin may have requirements to be met before entering the country. Take your artifacts to the Biosecurity treatment centre and have it treated or inspected. Normally all biosecurity organizations would require a inspection or phytosanitary certificate to certify that the products are free of regulated pests. On arrival outside Vanuatu, declare your items and you certificate to be permitted to entry.

Q4. Can I take some Kava products with me from Vanuatu?

A. Yes you are allowed 5kg of dried grounded commercially packed kava or juice of up to 10L per person. Phytosanitary certificate must be obtained from Biosecurity Vanuatu to accompany your kava as you travel to other countries. Declare your kava with your phytosanitary certificate on arrival.

Q5. Can I bring home cook food into Vanuatu?

A. Yes home cooked food is only restricted to small quantity and will be granted upon inspection. An inspection fee will be charged to grant entry. No meat shall be cooked in home cook meals and all meat must accompany an import permit and must meet all requirements.

Port Vila Office

Biosecurity Vanuatu, PMB 9086, Tagabe Road, Port Vila.
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Luganville Office

Biosecurity North , Po Box 271, Luganville.
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