Animal Health and Veterinary Services

What we do

The animal health section of the department of Biosecurity Vanuatu deals with animals and animal products and carries out a number of services including exports, imports, disease awareness/extension, animal disease and/or animal welfare investigations, compliance inspections, investigations and legislation in relation to biosecurity, food safety and animal welfare, international reporting/engagement, market access and Import Risk Assessments (IRA) and all of these services provide the basis of the core focus which is to maintain the animal disease-free status of Vanuatu. This section managed by the Biosecurity Veterinary Authority which comprises of 3 veterinarians, a principal vet and 2 senior vets.

Export Service

The vet service ensures our international trade of animals and animal products meet importing country requirements. Certifications of animals and animal products are usually done once importing country requirements are complied with. Exportation of animal products must be from a government approved premises. The ornamental marine finfish (live) are also certified by the veterinary services. The current certified exports are:

Commercial product Export premises Markets available
Beef – frozen

Vanuatu Abattoirs Limited

Santo Meat Packers Limited


Solomon Islands

Papua New Guinea


Cattle hides

Vanuatu Abattoirs Limited

Santo Meat Packers Limited


Ornamental marine finfish (live)

Vanuatu Aquarium Fish

Sustainable Reef Systems



Non-Commercial product Export premises Markets available
Beef – frozen

Traverso butchery

Vanuatu butchery

Au Bon Marché butcheries

TMEL butchery

Calvo butchery


New Caledonia

Papua New Guinea

Solomon Islands

Import service

All importations of animals and animal products must be approved and certified by the veterinary service. New Importations of products of animal origin and also products to be imported from a new export country must undergo an Import Risk Analysis. The assessment must be completed and approved before the product can be imported into Vanuatu. Import Risk Analysis processing usually depends on available information and resources involved. For Vanuatu, it usually takes a minimum period of 18 months. Import risk analysis for food security is favored as priority A and recreational use as priority B.

Disease awareness and extension

The disease awareness and extension is important in times when there are suspects of outbreaks of some listed diseases of interest for Vanuatu.

Market Access

This service is provided when there are requests from overseas markets for imports of animal products from Vanuatu. The importing country will request for information on disease status and chemical residue tests and any other required information which then the vets will conduct investigations and report back to the importing country on their request. This is usually a negotiation between the Biosecurity Authority of exporting country and the Biosecurity Authority of importing country where assessments are done before the actual consignments can be traded.

Port Vila Office

Biosecurity Vanuatu, PMB 9086, Tagabe Road, Port Vila.
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 (678) 23185

Luganville Office

Biosecurity North , Po Box 271, Luganville.
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