Who we are & what we do


The department of Biosecurity Vanuatu has been established in February of 2013 after the endorsement by the Council of Ministers (COM) decision to separate the former Department of Livestock and Quarantine Services (DLQS) and establish the department of Biosecurity Vanuatu and the department of Livestock. The Plant Protection Act [CAP 239] and the Animal Importation and Quarantine Act [CAP 201] provide the legal framework for Biosecurity and other relevant agencies to keep harmful pests and diseases out of Vanuatu.

Our Vision

To summarize our efforts, we endorse the following vision: “Vanuatu enjoys prosperity through agriculture, environmental protection and climate resilience, and it benefits from increased trade which impact positively on the livelihood of its people”

Our Mission

Our mission is: “To protect Vanuatu’s borders against the introduction and spread of foreign pests and diseases that could affect crops, animals, humans and the environment, and to enhance trade of Vanuatu’s products”

Our guiding principles

  1. To provide an effective and efficient service delivery
  2. To establish firm linkages with stakeholders (other government departments, local authorities, communities, farmers etc.)
  3. To recognise and utilise community authorities to support effective border control management.

Our mandate

Our mandate, as stipulated in the Vanuatu Biosecurity Policy and guided under our Legislations including the Plant Protection Act [CAP 239], Animal Importation and Quarantine Act [CAP 201], Animal Disease (Control) Act [CAP 220] and the Meat Industry Act [cap 213], are as follows:

  1. To provide adequate competent workforce for the Biosecurity Vanuatu for efficient and effective service delivery.
  2. To maintain at the border by screening all incoming passengers, crafts, goods, and documentations to protect Vanuatu borders from the introduction of regulated and non-regulated exotic pests and diseases.
  3. To maintain border surveillance by effective management of plant pests and diseases by regular surveillance and monitoring on all major producing islands.
  4. To contain and eradicate or control the movement of regulated pests already present in Vanuatu.
  5. To improve and maintain market access for Vanuatu products by facilitating and enhancing trade between Vanuatu and its trading partners in accordance with national laws and international trading rules, including market access negotiations, import risk assessments, inspection and treatment and certification.
  6. To maintain our meat inspection services with competent and trained officers equipped with proper safety gear and tools to perform their duties effectively.
  7. To ensure competent veterinary officers are recruited to manage the health and welfare of our animals as well as management of zoonotic diseases, containment and eradication of unwanted organisms.
  8. To manage the importation of pesticides and industrial chemicals to protect the livelihood of Vanuatu citizens and the environment.

Our values

  1. Professionals who lead to inspire others
  2. Effective and efficient service delivery
  3. Competent and well-trained officers
  4. Team work
  5. Maintain integrity for Vanuatu’s interest
  6. Reliable, honest and transparent in our decision making
  7. Innovative with new ideas and research

Port Vila Office

Biosecurity Vanuatu, PMB 9086, Tagabe Road, Port Vila.
(678) 33580 | (678) 23519
 (678) 23185

Luganville Office

Biosecurity North , Po Box 271, Luganville.
(678) 33818 | (678) 36223