Vanuatu is importing large quantities of agricultural products such as fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry, dairy, timber products and other quarantine regulated goods from overseas countries. Biosecurity Vanuatu works with importers to prevent the entry of unwanted exotic pests and diseases entering Vanuatu. This is where you can learn of our processes for importation.

Import Permits

Import permits are issued on articles such as animals, plants and their products, second hand or used machinery, tools and materials (household goods) and other quarantine related articles. All applications for importations must be submitted to the Permit Officer of the Biosecurity Vanuatu prior to shipment of consignment by sea-freight and 24 hours before shipment by airfreight from the exporting countries. All quarantine related articles intended to be imported into Vanuatu must meet all the requirements and granting of an import permit will be done once all requirements of the consignment are met. Importers must understand the conditions on the import permits of the articles intended importation.

Goods that are of plant and animal products require proper documentation such as phytosanitary certificates, zoosanitary certificates, import permits and fumigation certificates from the countries of origin. One of Biosecurity Vanuatu’s objective is to facilitate importation of such products on arrival by inspecting and verifying all documents and careful examination of the products before granting release. This must be done by Border control inspectors at the borders.

Biosecurity Vanuatu Border Control is working closely with other organisations such as Customs border control, Customs Brokers, Immigration Department, shipping agent companies, Airline companies, Mail services, Terminal services and Stevedores.

It is important to DECLARE on arrival, all goods that pose a risk of introducing any plant or animal pest and disease into the country. Such goods can be referred as:

  1. All plants, animals, plant and animal products, live or dead organisms (green algae), seafood products (including fresh water) and live marine organisms;
  2. All used equipment like camping, farming, hunting, sporting, gardening, vehicles and their parts and other recreational equipment;
  3. Endangered species
NB : If you are not sure of any items or need more information please contact Biosecurity Office or contact your nearest office

Import of Animal and Animal Product

Quantities greater than 5 kilograms of approved animal products from approved countries require a commercial import permit. There are conditions for import stated on the permit which must be adhered to

The commercial importation of live animals is restricted and limited to certain species only into Vanuatu. An import permit is required.


Import of Plant and Plant Product

Not all plants and plant products from everywhere are allow to enter Vanuatu. The BV department has developed a plant import manual specification for facilitating any plant and plants products before they enter Vanuatu. Therefore if you if you want to import any live plants and plant products into Vanuatu, please liaise with theBiosecurity Office Department who is mentor to facilitate trade of agricultural goods with any foreign countries

Information below are needed when applying:

  1. Scientific name or common name of the plants or products;
  2. Country of origin;
  3. Date of arrival of the consignment
  4. Route of the consignment
  5. Supplier’s address and country of origin


You can also contact our Principal Biosecurity officer, Ms. Touasi Tiwok for further information.

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